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Parking Lot in Owatonna MN

Make a good first impression on customers with a well-constructed parking lot from Seykora Asphalt Maintenance & Paving, a commercial paving contractor in Owatonna, Minnesota. Since this is the first and last thing your customers and employees will notice about your business, it is important this it is a safe and well-maintained space.

Let us take care of parking lot construction, maintenance and repair for you, whether your business is in Owatonna, Faribault, Northfield, Waseca, Austin, Albert Lea, Rochester, Mankato, Medford or Dodge Center, Minnesota. Contact us for parking lot striping, as well as construction and repair.


Owatonna MN: Parking Lot Construction for a Good First Impression

There are cracks and even chunks of asphalt missing from your parking lot outside your business in Owatonna, MN. It is time to request the asphalt services of our commercial paving company.
Commercial Parking Lot - Parking Lot Owatonna MN
Not only do these imperfections pose a health and safety hazard for your customers and employers, they also give a negative impression of your business that you do not want to have. Ask us for a free no-obligation estimate for parking lot construction.

Keep Things Safe with Parking Lot Maintenance in Owatonna MN

It is as important to care for the outside of your business in Owatonna, Minnesota as it is for the inside. Yes, inside you have new computers and comfortable office furniture, but outside, it is not as nice, especially the parking lot. You do not have to spend a lot of money for parking lot maintenance, but it is money well spent. Ask Seykora Asphalt Maintenance & Paving to perform regular maintenance to ensure cracks and crevices are fixed as soon as possible. That way, repair costs are kept low and the parking lot remains hazard-free.

12 Years’ Experience in Owatonna MN: Parking Lot Repair

Do not let that pothole in your parking lot turn into a crater. Bring us to your business in Owatonna, MN for parking lot repair. We have a dozen years of experience in filling potholes and sealing cracks. Our crew will make sure that your parking lot offers a smooth surface for your customers and employees to walk on. Request an honest quote on costs for parking lot repair.
Contact us today for parking lot construction, repair and maintenance. We proudly serve Owatonna, Faribault,
Northfield, Waseca, Austin, Albert Lea, Rochester, Mankato, Medford and Dodge Center, Minnesota.